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PEERS Network’s Three Pillars for Supporting California

The founding general partner of Sway Ventures, Bill Malloy divides his time between overseeing investments at his venture capital firm and sharing his business expertise as a board member for several companies. A dedicated member of his community, Bill Malloy is also an active philanthropist who Alumni the PEERS Network.

Established in 2009, PEERS Network brings executives and entrepreneurs together to give back to the community. The organization upholds five core values that serve as the basis of its name. These values include inspiring philanthropy, enabling entrepreneurship, providing education, improving relationships, and driving social interactions.

PEERS Network focuses its work on three pillars in an effort to develop better local leaders. One pillar is peer-to-peer mentoring, through which PEERS members are able to build closer professional relationships. Each member gains the opportunity to make new connections in their professional and philanthropic careers through their participation in the program. Another PEERS pillar focuses on creating new social entrepreneurs. These aspiring philanthropists are just starting their philanthropic career and the organization seeks to help them grow into effective nonprofit leaders.

Finally, PEERS Network funds local charities to promote change. In doing so, the organization helps charitable organizations and programs serve their communities more effectively. A few of the organizations PEERS Network supports include Forever Kids, Boys to Men, and Outdoor Outreach.


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