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Common Fried Chicken Mistakes

Technologist and venture capitalist Bill Malloy has maintained a successful track record in investing in leading teams changing the world through technology. A founding general partner of Sway Ventures, Bill Malloy is responsible for determining company strategy and investing in early- to mid-stage technology companies.

Bill Malloy enjoys time with his family cooking home meals. When it comes to food, Bill Malloy enjoys traditional Southern cuisine such as biscuits and fried chicken. Despite the popularity of fried chicken, there are several mistakes that home cooks make when they fry chicken. Here are a few common problems that can ruin fried chicken:

- Frying while the chicken is still cold. Chicken needs to stay chilled when it is being stored, but frying chicken while it is still cold results in uneven cooking and soggy skin. The meat should sit at room temperature for around 30 minutes before it is fried.

- Skipping a brine. Resting chicken in a brine for eight hours keeps the meat juicy and tender. A simple brine of water and salt makes a huge difference. However, many Southern chefs prefer soaking the chicken in buttermilk to enhance the flavor.

- Double-dipping. Fried chicken needs only a light coat of flour or breadcrumbs to get crispy, yet many cooks double-dip each piece. Double-dipping adds extra flour to the chicken, which results in a soggy crust.

- Using oil with a low smoke point. Olive oil should not be used for frying chicken. Flavored oils with low smoke points create bitter-tasting chicken that is often underdone. A neutral-tasting oil, such as vegetable or canola, should be used to fry chicken.


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