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Surfing Provides Physical and Psychological Benefits

· Bill Malloy

Bill Malloy serves as founding general partner of /Sway Ventures and Board member of Malloy & Company, a family-owned business founded in 1835. Today, the company invests in real estate and innovative teams changing the world through technology. Outside of his professional and family life, Bill Malloy makes time to go surfing.

Surfing is known for having many physical benefits, including a physical workout and improved cardiovascular health. There are several mental benefits as well; individuals that surf regularly are typically able to reduce their stress levels. Studies have shown that those who have been in a surfing program for a few weeks have improved their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Because surfers must constantly maintain their physical balance while riding the waves, surfing can also train the mind to adjust to change and unpredictable scenarios. This in turn leads surfers to become better adapted to handle stressful situations and manage their lives more effectively. Additionally, surfing provides individuals with the opportunity to be close to nature, which is known to increase inner tranquility.


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